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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mol - napos

A Mol esetében nagyon valószínű, hogy a következő megálló az ábrán jelölt zóna lesz. Azt nem szabad figyelmen kívül hagyni, hogy a lefelé menő hullám dZZ is lehet!

MOL napos chart:

YMU4 - Dow mini

News: Central European T : 17:30
           New York T: 11:30
           Chicago T : 10:30

Pre market expectation: In the early time it can reach the target zone, which was mentioned yesterday: 16740+ and after the market can turn to falling.

CET 16:50 (NYT 10:50):

In the next two hours: Sideways between 16720-30 and 16640-60.

CET 17:28 (NYT 11:28):

Without news it would be short at 16698, stop 14710.

CET 17:47 (NYT 11:47):

Stop would be reached.

CET 18:27 (NYT 12:27):

Sideways until now, I kind of expected it .)

CET 18:50 (NYT 12:50):

High was 16738, I belive it will be new local high (or 16737-38 again) in a close future (max. 10-15 min., 3-5 candle).

CET 18:55 (NYT 12:55):

Expectation: After 19:00 correction will start (or a new trend). Minimum target zone: 16710-720.

CET 19:06 (NYT 13:06):

Zone has reached! :)))

CET 19:25 (NYT 13:25):

'3 chart: Usually elliott wave 5 is an extesion wave on this timeframe, in this case 700-710 zone is reachable in 2-3 candles.

CET 19:31 (NYT 13:31):

There is no extension. Turn! ('3)

CET 19:53 (NYT 13:53):

I am thinking of ending diagonal ('15). In this case we will see new high and tomorow it will came back the bear trend. Dow mini will fall to 16640 or lower in two days. The other possibilities is the 1-2-1-2-1-2 line and a strong bull trend. 

CET 20:21 (NYT 14:21):
CET 20:29 (NYT 14:29):