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About me


I am Adrian  using on the blog my nickname Ad.

I have been using Elliott Wave Principle to my every day analyses about the Hungarian Stock Market since 2010. Sometimes I make analyses about different markets, for example Forex and  U.S. stock market. 

Besides my MSc degree of Economist and my 10 years working experiences in financial system, analysing is only my hobby.  My target with starting this blog was simple, I wanted to learn more about the EWP. Since my first forecast, I have never met such a movement what could not fit into the Elliott Wave structures. Elliott Wave Principle is working  in under every circumstances. 

I think Elliott Wave Principle is not a trading system and I would agree with Robert Prechter that Elliott Wave Principle is the best forecasting tool in existence, but is not primarily a forecasting tool. It is a detailed description of how markets behave. 

I believe, Elliott Wave Principle should be known by all traders, because it helps to improve efficient of all trading systems and shows dangers and possibilities on market.  

Some years ago, I have lost all my charts (estimated: 5-6.000 pcs) by a technical accident, therefore my old posts do not containe charts.